There is a bug in the 2.4.2 release of foxe causing it to freeze when Windows is configured with the Traditional Chinese charset. If this affects you, please download the 2.4.1 release:

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Download 2.4.1 zipped exe only


comment posted foxe freezes in Traditional Chinese locale

MTang 18-Nov-2011

Where can I download older version of foxe? The newest version can't run under Windows Traditional Chinese version, whether Vista or Win7. 2.4.1 is ok. Only newest version has problem. BTW, I think foxe is best xml editor as far as I can see now. neat & quick, IMHO.


comment posted hang forever

scott chu 12-Nov-2011

I install v2.4.2 and read attached file & it's just hang forever them. I uninstall v2.4 and install 2.3.2, it reads this file ok. My OS is XP sp2. The font is Lucida Sans Unicode. I'm using Windows 7 Traditional Chinese & I live in Taiwan, so the code page is "Chinese (Traditional, Taiwan). Only 2.4.2 has this problem. Other versions are all ok. I also change different fonts, including the default Mingli font in Windows 7 Traditional Chinese version. No luck! (note: I'm using Win7 Home Premium.)

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