Release 10.1 Date: December 17, 2008, download

I put a lot of heart into this release but you can ignore all this engineering because it is wrapped in the same clear and tight C++ class with simple methods -- CMarkup :). You get new source code in this release that carefully encapsulates what I've learned about text file encoding from countless projects and hundreds of hours of research, plus the 70+ CMarkup regression tests are now cross-platform and tested on Ubuntu Linux, Mac OS X, VC++ 6.0, VC++ 2008 Express, and even cygwin.

First of all, if you're using CMarkup 10.0 with MFC you must get this release for the performance fix if you haven't fixed it yourself. But this release also includes a lot of file handling improvements including ANSI encoding conversion previously only in the firstobject XML editor. Now ReadTextFile and WriteTextFile (and Load and Save too) will:

These text file handling features make this one of the biggest CMarkup releases ever, even if it is not obvious. More details are in the complete list of 10.1 enhancements:

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