Release 11.0 Date: March 24, 2009, download

courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech

A developer at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory contacted me years ago evaluating the use of XML to store metadata for 6 to 12 GB of raw telemetry data collected each observation night. The metadata file would not be as large as the raw data file, but it needed to be one file that would grow through the night. He did't want to re-save the whole file with each update, he needed to append (to write and flush) only the additional records to get them to disk as quickly as possible to minimize data loss in the case of a computer crash.

The new "file mode" in CMarkup essentially lets you use your familiar CMarkup methods directly on files, rather than having the entire document in memory. This opens the way for more efficient large XML file-based solutions, and even really huge XML files. To learn more about file mode in CMarkup see the C++ XML writer and C++ XML reader.

Here's the list of 11.0 enhancements:

CMarkup Developer License

The following are only in CMarkup Developer and the free XML editor  FOAL C++ scripting

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