Here is a Delphi version of CMarkup release 5.3 ported by Shawn Oster. Just add SimpleMap.pas and XMLMarkup.pas to your project. We are working on ports of current Evaluation and Developer versions, but for the time being the 5.3-based version has proven useful to Delphi developers so here it is. (26 Mar 2001) 13k

The CMarkup Evaluation License Agreement applies to Delphi versions of the CMarkup product. You may freely download and evaluate this source code, but please purchase a CMarkup Developer License if you end up using this in your commercial application. For many this product has meant rapid and painless integration of XML into projects.

Shawn "found an amazing array of bad [Delphi] XML parsers out there that are extremely hard to use," so he ported CMarkup. Now its easy for Delphi developers to add this to a project, instantiate a TXMLMarkup object, and use the core EDOM methods to create, navigate, and modify XML documents. Here is some sample Delphi code:

xml: TXMLMarkup;
a: string;
a := xml.GetTagName; // 'ARRAY'
a := xml.GetChildData; // 'One'
a := xml.GetChildData; // 'Two'


comment posted any new updates?

Robert Wooten 03-Aug-2005

Was wondering if there was any updates from CMarkup Delphi 5.3?

The short answer is that no updates to the Delphi evaluation version have been cleaned up and made available, however Shawn Oster has provided a port of developer release 6.4 which is available by request to those who have purchased a developer license.