firstobject XML Messaging Release 1.3

January 7, 2003

The firstobject XML Messaging has been expanded dramatically and all of the classes have been greatly improved. Here is a list of the most obvious fixes and improvements:

  • Single instance mechanism avoids multiple message nodes running on one computer
  • Console displays message node name at top
  • Upgraded to CMarkup 6.4 and made use of method changes
  • Message XML tag names simplified and Payload separated into subdocument
  • Upgraded to CThread Class release 3 which now has an improved article
  • Multiple send threads in message node to handle multiple destinations gracefully
  • Node monitor displays thread indicators with destination and message count
  • Console usability: syntax feedback, return to foreground, and position memory
  • No limit Buyer Seller scenarios supported with buyer, seller, and loc commands
  • Unique app names are generated for Buyers and Sellers
  • In the Buyer and Seller you don't have to click GO to start conversation
  • The Buyer and Seller display status of all requests in progress
  • Fix: leftover messages at shutdown were not getting released causing memory leaks
  • Fix: dialog shutdown synchronization bug that exhibited a bleep on XP
  • Fix: console ping would hang on unresponsive servers

    firstobject XML Messaging Release 1.2

    January 14, 2002

    The TCP/IP CSock Class has been added, with a couple of demo setups to demonstrate the Buyer Seller conversations over the network. The new CNodeSpyDlg class allows you to watch the messages sent and received in the node. See the firstobject XML Messaging article for full details.


    firstobject XML Messaging Release 1.1

    November 1, 2001

    This release of the XML Messaging Architecture project fixes a multithreading bug in demo 2, and takes advantage of the new FindSetData and FindGetData methods in CMarkup.


    firstobject XML Messaging Release 1.0

    September 16, 2001

    The Messaging Architecture project showcases the potential of XML messaging in business to business transactions. The animated demo illustrates buyer and seller business agents.