firstobject News Reader Release 1.2

September 30, 2005  

This release adds a lot of usability enhancements in answer to user feedback.

  • Better support for paste in the news feed shortcut edit box: added Shift-Insert and right-click Paste
  • Improved viewer navigation: mouse wheel, Up/Down Arrows, Page Up/Down, Space to page down, Escape to close, and F5 to refresh
  • Simpler main list with bold feeds containing new items
  • More standard meaning of New items as "Unread" with Mark As Read and Mark All As Read functions (new items are no longer cleared on every update)
  • Menu button replaces awkward individual buttons, and hot keys for Show New, Mark All As Read and Find functions from the main News Reader dialog.
  • Update All function
  • feed download with validation off (support of invalid news feeds is expected behavior for News Readers)

    firstobject News Reader Release 1.1

    March 17, 2005

    Screensaver animation has been added in this release to give the option of specifying the News Reader as your Windows Desktop screen saver. Other improvements fill out the functionality without changing the sheer simplicity of the application. This release adds search, Atom support, Unicode, more info in the main list, Back/Forward, and preference settings. The News Reader is still multi-threaded and single instance for seemless operation between News Reader and Screensaver.

  • Unicode is now supported by implementing the main list of feeds as an HTML-like view rather than a listbox, and using UTF-8 edit boxes *noted by Sanni
  • The main list of feeds now indicates the number of new items and total items
  • Set duration and turn off Notification Window *noted by Used
  • In the Viewer, use Backspace or Alt+Left-Arrow to go back, and Alt+Right-Arrow to go forward
  • Option to minimize on Close and only Exit from taskbar *noted by Topocho
  • Option to open link in default browser rather than Internet Explorer
  • Screen saver
  • Find text in all stored feeds (i.e. search)
  • Error information and log (click on underlined word in status message)
  • Authors displayed in feeds containing multiple authors
  • Data file location and other settings, edited in the new Settings dialog, are kept in the registry for consistentency when app is run from SCR or EXE in different locations
  • ATOM RSS feed item feed lists are basically supported now, although the full range of Atom content formatting is not (the purpose of this application is more for notifying and launching the link in your browser)
  • fix: download failure handling when disconnected from the Internet
  • fix: ESC and Enter handling in dialogs
  • fix: display bugs in the HTML-like control

    firstobject News Reader Release 1.0

    February 18, 2004

    The first release of this News Reader is a fully multi-threaded application to utilize negligible CPU and provide an interface with no waits. A notification window pops up for 8 seconds to display newly arriving items. Any XML feed is supported, but RSS 0.91, 1.0 and 2.0, and two Code Project Web Service formats are specifically supported for organizing in terms of items.