CThread Release 4

November 25, 2003

The CoInitialize(NULL) and CoUninitialize() calls in CThread::StartAddress have been removed in this revision because they were unnecessary. If your thread utilizes any COM components, you can add these calls into your implementation of the Main method. *thanks Mike Danielson


CThread Release 3

January 7, 2003

This third release only adds the IsExit method. The article has been expanded and it recommends a different way of implementing the main thread function in the class that uses it. See the CThread Class article for the details.


CThread Release 2

January 14, 2002

In this release the Run method has been renamed to Main. This change was made to avoid conflict and confusion with the Run method of MFC CWinThread in other versions of CThread which may be released later. While you always override the CThread Main method, you rarely override the MFC CWinThread Run method because it works differently.


CThread Release 1

May 16, 1999

A number of thin thread classes have been made available through other forums. Here is a class which is easy to declare inside of any class that uses it. It only requires the implementation of one simple function.