CMarkup handles multi-megabyte documents with no drama.

Parse megabytes instantly
The CMarkup parser doesn't waste time. A 3MB file typically takes less than a tenth of a second. In other words 3MB is too small to notice and 30MB is still less than a second.

comment posted Bernhard Weichel, Germany

It is really impressive how fast Markup loads even medium size (500k) XML files.

Generate megabytes quickly
The speed of CMarkup is also important in creating documents. As you create the document, CMarkup reserves memory ahead of time so that allocations are rare.

comment posted Mark Rosen, USA

We're incredibly impressed with its load speed

Small footprint
Depending on the density of tags in your document, the total memory requirement may be 1.5 to 2.5 times the memory footprint of the document string. A CMarkup object consists of the document string plus the offsets and structure of the tags.

comment posted Patrick McMichael, USA

We had been trying to make Xerces 2.6 work in our code to do some **BASIC** XML handling. After I got CMarkup working in our test application, removing all that Xerces CRAP overhead, the app ran, no joke, 10 times faster!

CMarkup underpins the performance of large files in the firstobject XML Editor.

comment posted Derek, USA

...great for large XML files. it absolutely buzzed through my many MB file that eviscerated Eclipsed, annihilated notepad, waylayed Word, & exterminated XMLSpy. i could not believe how fast it was... i would have been happy if it just worked, let alone worked so responsively.

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