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comment posted Dave Terracino, USA

CMarkup's warp-speed pull-parser design allowed us to easily manage our huge data files with very little overhead. The XML version of the data file was 1.9GB and contained over 60 million data points, and to maintain legacy compatibility we needed a way to both read and write this XML as quickly as possible.

comment posted Donnie Long, USA

CMarkup seems the most logical approach versus the other tools that I tried: TinyXML++, Expat, lua... etc. Setting those up was a project in itself and still made navigating xml a chore. CMarkup is usable out of the box, with nothing more than a couple of parameters to set.

comment posted Bob, Norway

I have been using CMarkup for some time now, first through an former employer, and now as an individual developer, and I just have to say; I LOVE YOUR PRODUCT! It is rock solid, fast, and quite easy to program.

comment posted David Ching, USA

let me congratulate you on the absolute best combination for ease-of-use, embedability, and best supported XML parser out there! It puts the 5 MB XML parsers to shame for the simple uses of XML that I am using.

comment posted Jeff Anderson, USA

Hey I just wanted to say what a great product CMarkup is. We have a license and use it extensively for our graphics applications. What really distinguishes CMarkup is the design and ease of use - it's a really different paradigm compared to other XML libraries - kudos to the *thinking* that went into this product as much as the implementation. Braid Art Labs

comment posted Shane Tolmie, New Zealand

Having had previous XML experience with Xerces, we were prepared for the worst - however we were up and running with CMarkup within ten minutes. CMarkup is phenomenally easy to use, has an incredibly quick parser, and good documentation. We particularly liked the ability to encode a binary array into an XML file, using the Base64 functionality.

comment posted Zack Menendez, USA

We had a project where we needed an extensible file format, so XML was the obvious choice. Having tried to use DOM and other overly-complicated XML parsers, I was looking for a simple XML parsing engine that was free of external dependencies and over-engineering. CMarkup was the exact solution I was looking for: fast, easy-to-use, and fully supportive of XML standards. Our first implementation of CMarkup in a project was done in only a few hours! The reason I continue to use CMarkup is that it is so powerful yet easy to implement in existing code -- why would we want to use anything else?

I have genuinely enjoyed using CMarkup... When describing it to other developers, I put it this way: I tell them that if MFC had included an XML parsing engine, this is what it would look like. Self-explanatory functions that encapsulate the parts of the process we don't care to know about.

comment posted Patrick McMichael, USA

We had been trying to make Xerces 2.6 work in our code to do some **BASIC** XML handling. After I got CMarkup working in our test application, removing all that Xerces CRAP overhead, the app ran, no joke, 10 times faster!

comment posted Marcos del Puerto, Brazil

At first I tried to include Perl within my application so I could make use of its regular expression capabilities... very slow execution, and very huge developing times, and it wasn't reliable... I also tried with Lex and Yacc. Very hard to integrate with a MFC project. I also tried [two XML products]... And then I found CMarkup. The design is almost perfect, especially the abstraction. The developing times reduced significantly. I downloaded it and in five minutes I created a MFC application with a Tree control where I could do almost anything to a XML file (add, remove, modify)... I think CMarkup is the fastest and it has been tested and improved for a long time making it very reliable.

comment posted Erich Finkelstein, USA

I just finished integrating your product with my application and have purchased the product. I have never touched XML and was able to start loading and manipulating XML documents within an hour ...thanks for delivering such a solid product.

comment posted Shane Tolmie, New Zealand

I gotta thank you for this amazingly nice class ... its perfect. After deriving a class CMarkupSTLex to read/write dword and hex values, it has been working beautifully... Again, brilliant code! I'm really enjoying using such well thought out classes.

comment posted Kenneth Robinette, USA works out of the box. Saved us a lot of time and appears to be a really fine product. ...the reason we started looking at your application was for a simple drop in replacement for reading/writing complicated application dependent data to a file instead of the registry. And it works!

comment posted Thanh Ly, USA

What I like most about your CMarkup class is that it simplifies XML parsing so that I only have to concern myself with storing or retrieving my data and not bother with all the other features of XML that I don't need. Fast and efficient, those are the factors that impress me most in any coding project. Furthermore, the class is reusable in both desktop and embedded Windows environments which lets me write applications for both platforms under a common API and saves me time in learning different XML libraries. I have found MSXML very difficult to work with especially when dealing with multiple versions of the same library. Great job, and best of luck to the team!

comment posted Brett Kapilik, Canada

Let me just say that you have produced an excellent product and it was well worth every penny. It is fast, easy to use and very tight. We are trusting a major new release of our product to CMarkup for all of its data storage needs. It is nice to finally get away from MFC's binary, proprietary serialization. I will reccomend CMarkup to all MFC developers that I run across! Indigo Rose Corporation

comment posted Reto Bucher, Switzerland

First of all: congratulations for your nice piece of work :-) CMarkup really solved thousands of problems... Until now, I used MSXML for Windows CE. But unfortunately, its implementation is too big, too complicated (DLL versions...) and too powerful for our need. Also a known bug exists which does complicate the use within WinCE.

comment posted Patrik Tesar, Slovak Republic

I like your component very much! It saves my life, because before I was using MSXML, and I had large problems with memory!!! There was memory that was not released correctly after using elements, and also after CoUninitialize! Thank you for your component.

comment posted Bilby, Germany

We have decided to use CMarkup as an alternative to MSXML because we don't need the overhead of a full-blown XML SDK (and we don't want to force users of our software to download megs of additional dlls). We use XML ... to enable simple exchange of object states over the net. Our objects are partly quite complex and will end up producing XML files with quite deeply nested levels.

comment posted Leon Matthews, New Zealand

I used your CMarkup class because I wanted to write a Windows program to give to a client to generate price lists from a CSV file exported from Excel. The DOM is just *too* fat... There are sooooo many xml implementations that are too bulky to be good for this sort of use. [Also,] I am writing a backup tool, and wanted some way to save the settings accross the Windows and Linux versions.

comment posted Ayhan √úretmen, Germany

CMarkup is by far the best XML-Parser one can find on the Internet.

comment posted George Turoff, USA

[data for] every piece of mail being processed in the U.S. is going through CMarkup at one point or another.

comment posted Marc Dyksterhouse, USA

Thanks for the thorough response and great product.

comment posted Mark Richards, USA

Thank you for your excellent support. You've done an excellent job with CMarkup, and I absolutely love the level of self-containment it exhibits.

comment posted Joe McKeown, USA

love the product. Fastest XML processing that I've found.

comment posted Andrew Smith, USA

By far the best support I've had with any programming support.

comment posted Michael Sturtevant, USA

CMarkup is also exceptionally easy to use and very efficient compared to the built-in .Net XML parser

comment posted Christof Schardt, Germany

What I especially like, is, when people keep caring for bytes and cycles, which is rather unusual nowadays, especially in the xml-domain.

comment posted Jim Obenchain, USA

Great product. I've used it for quite some time.

comment posted David Parkinson, USA

Thanks for making something nice and easy, so I got to avoid MSHTML/XML, super chunky libraries. I love how I get back std::strings.

comment posted Patricia Rose, USA

I love your product. It's the best money I've ever spent for a development tool!

comment posted Oliver Gerlach, Germany

I am really impressed by the quick response. I miss this kind of service quite often. Great work!

comment posted Jerry, USA

thanks for this great control. Immensely useful and elegant!

comment posted Martin Lafferty, USA

Your product is great, and I really appreciate your generous evaluation edition. I couldn't have evaluated this properly without the source.

comment posted Karl Kemp, USA

Another stellar release!! Looks and works great.

comment posted Jan Benes, Czech Republic

I have to congratulate you on the neat piece of work you've done on CMarkup, as it's one of the best libraries I've seen.

comment posted Marcelo DaSilva, USA

That was awesome! You made my day! I've spent so much time to build this item file ... I can't thank you enough! Also thank you so much for your prompt reply & help - you guys have great XML APIs & great support.

comment posted Kenneth Robinette, USA

I don't know how you did it, but this version speeds up the portion of my program (that loads, populates a tree view and displays host information) by about 100%. It used to take around 2 seconds. Now its down to 1 second.

comment posted Doug Robison, USA

I've used CMarkup for years. It has been a trouble free piece of code.

comment posted Todd Brooks, USA

Absolutely the best C++ library I have used in YEARS. It is fast, and extremely easy to use, not to mention it has no dependencies and we get the source! All for an extremely low price.

comment posted Thanh Ly, USA

I have sampled several XML parser solutions and only CMarkup provided a clean-cut, easy to understand and use, solution that works. Thank you for making XML a more viable option for my product.

comment posted Scott Wilson, USA

Ben, many thanks. I wish all library developers were as responsive as you.

comment posted Juan Carlos Cobas, Spain

I have purchased CMarkup about 2-3 weeks ago and I have to say that I'm very happy with it. The capabilities your class provides to save/load binary data in Base64 format have saved me a lot of work.

comment posted Dharmesh Shah, USA

I am an avid user of CMarkup for a little while. I have been recently tasked with getting CMarkup to build on a Linux machine (using the G++ compiler).

comment posted Tom Brinkman, USA

I think one of the real strengths of your parser is that it supports manual creation of XML files. I like to create my XML config files by hand. Microsoft parser does not support that any where near as elegantly as yours.

comment posted Nikolay Sokratov, USA

Thanks for quick a reply, It's a pleasure to work with companies which actually care about customers after they sell their product.

comment posted Bernhard Weichel, Germany

It is really impressive how fast Markup loads even medium size (500k) XML files.

comment posted Phips Xue, China

A perfect work!

comment posted Larry Wasserman, USA

I have found using the CMarkup class a great help in making the generation of XML files almost trivial.

comment posted Steve Soares, USA

CMarkup has worked out extremely well for the encoding and decoding of XML. I have been able to concentrate more time on other areas of the project without 'babysitting' any XML processing/syntax issues.

comment posted Gamaliel Masters, USA

I'm very impressed with this piece of work. I have certainly resisted using XML for some things it could be very useful for mostly because a simple use, I don't want to go through the hassle of working with (and distributing) one of the larger parsers.

comment posted Von Chance, USA

If everything works out, I will be using this as part of a SOAP protocol client on Windows CE for a project we are working on. I couldn't even get the Microsoft XML parser to work on CE.

comment posted Scott Wilson, USA

I love your CMarkup code -- it saved me many hours of development time.

comment posted Paul Winwood, UK

I would like to complement you on designing a class that makes simple XML access so very very easy

comment posted David Emery, USA

I'm not very XML-smart, but your class has allowed me to write a nice project