Here's some feedback from C++ guys who got their XML features done fast, not by becoming experts in everything XML, but by choosing an easier way.

comment posted Larry Wasserman, USA

I have found using the CMarkup class a great help in making the generation of XML files almost trivial.

play c++ xml demo video   

Check out this demo: create a VC++ 6.0 app and add CMarkup in 1 minute.


So what makes CMarkup so easy? In a word: smallness. Unlike most XML tools, CMarkup is minimalist regarding integration, configuration, objects, methods, and footprint.

comment posted Erich Finkelstein, USA

I just finished integrating your product with my application and have purchased the product. I have never touched XML and was able to start loading and manipulating XML documents within an hour ...thanks for delivering such a solid product.

No dependencies
Your project is complex enough, CMarkup does not add requirements on top of those you already have.

A single C++ class
The CMarkup API uses a single object. By encapsulating the XML document it simplifies your conceptual understanding, while other tools often require you to instantiate numerous objects to perform simple operations.

Generate code
The free firstobject XML Editor generates FOAL code in C++ syntax which you can watch in action within the editor without even compiling!

comment posted Paul Winwood, UK

a class that makes simple XML access so very very easy

Few methods
The concise CMarkup Methods are listed on one short page. If you crave complexity, look elsewhere!

comment posted Thanh Ly, USA

I have sampled several XML parser solutions and only CMarkup provided a clean-cut, easy to understand and use, solution that works. Thank you for making XML a more viable option for my product.

Light and fast
The high performance and light footprint mean CMarkup is smart for both tiny documents and multi-megabyte documents. No need to switch tools or methodologies.

Quick integration
There's no setup, no install, just add a .cpp and .h file to your C++ project. No other independent XML tool is easier to integrate into your project.

Free source code evaluation
There's nothing stopping you from trying the evaluation version of CMarkup right now! Not only do you get the source code, it is carefully and compactly designed to encourage you to step through it.

CMarkup Developer License 

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Unlimited royalty-free use, a year of upgrades and support, and additional methods for binary (base64), indexes, paths, encoding conversions, and more. See full product details of CMarkup Developer.