You can become proficient with XML surprisingly quickly while avoiding the biggest pitfalls and quagmires of the XML industry. CMarkup is a fully supported non-conforming C++ XML parser to get you up and running quickly and to stay with you as your project grows, proven with over 7 years of happy customers.

Open source and "free" XML tools are often a costly choice in terms of time and effort because they are bulky, slow, complex, concerned with abstract standards, hard to integrate, and have sparse auto-generated documentation. CMarkup is ultra-simple, compact and speedy, with mindfully maintained docs, and energetic e-mail support.

comment posted Marcos del Puerto, Brazil

At first I tried to include Perl within my application so I could make use of its regular expression capabilities... very slow execution, and very huge developing times, and it wasn't reliable... I also tried with Lex and Yacc. Very hard to integrate with a MFC project. I also tried [two XML products]... And then I found CMarkup. The design is almost perfect, especially the abstraction. The developing times reduced significantly. I downloaded it and in five minutes I created a MFC application with a Tree control where I could do almost anything to a XML file (add, remove, modify)... I think CMarkup is the fastest and it has been tested and improved for a long time making it very reliable.

You don't need XSLT to transform your documents. See how CMarkup can be used to transform documents procedurally, rather than employing an entire new paradigm just to do another type of operation on your documents.

comment posted Dharmesh Shah, USA

I am an avid user of CMarkup for a little while. I have been recently tasked with getting CMarkup to build on a Linux machine (using the G++ compiler).

As one C++ class built around a standard string data member for the document, CMarkup is very portable. It has no dependencies other than the string class. See CMarkup STL Platforms.

comment posted Gamaliel Masters, USA

I'm very impressed with this piece of work. I have certainly resisted using XML for some things it could be very useful for mostly because a simple use, I don't want to go through the hassle of working with (and distributing) one of the larger parsers.

Use it for HTML too
CMarkup works on HTML and rootless XML and log files as well.

comment posted David Parkinson, USA

Thanks for making something nice and easy, so I got to avoid MSHTML/XML, super chunky libraries. I love how I get back std::strings.

Simple, powerful features
CMarkup has built-in methods for lookup, bookmarking and finding information from your documents.

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Unlimited royalty-free use, a year of upgrades and support, and additional methods for binary (base64), indexes, paths, encoding conversions, and more. See full product details of CMarkup Developer.