What is Different in the Developer Version? Compared to the Evaluation Version of CMarkup, the Developer Version has additional features and methods. See CMarkup Developer.

What is the Advanced Developer License? The Advanced Developer License packages several MFC source code components with the CMarkup Developer License. See Advanced CMarkup Developer.

Borland C++, Linux G++, Mingw, GCC? Yes, CMarkup for STL can be used in many compilers and platforms with the Standard Template Library. Sometimes tweaks are necessary. See CMarkup STL Platforms.

Binary data? You do not need to treat a text string as binary just because it contains markup characters like a less than sign. CMarkup and other XML components will encode/decode special characters for you. Binaries such as images and Wordprocessor documents should be encoded and CMarkup Developer Version supports Base64 encoding. See How To Handle Binary Data, EncodeBase64 and DecodeBase64.

Versus MSXML? See CMarkup Has Advantages Over MSXML.

How fast? See CMarkup Performance Tests.

Read and write files? As of release 6.1, CMarkup incorporates Load and Save methods. See ReadTextFile and WriteTextFile Utility Functions.

How established is CMarkup? CMarkup was created in January 1999 and has grown with many thousands of downloads to be praised as a fantastic XML tool. Hundreds of Developer Licenses have been purchased by developers around the world. It is a different animal from full-blown DOM and SAX compliant components which have their own advantages and disadvantages. See How Compliant is CMarkup with XML?.

Special characters processed? CMarkup handles numeric character references and the 5 standard special characters. See Standard Special Characters.

Namespaces? CMarkup allows colons in tag names which allows it to process XML documents using namespaces. See XML Namespaces and CMarkup.

Internal indexing, algorithms, implementation? See CMarkup Indexing Explained.

Multithreading? See Multithreading and CMarkup for details on how to safely access a CMarkup object from multiple threads.

UTF-8? See UTF-8 in CMarkup and CDataEdit.