Embedded solutions for Windows CE, Windows Mobile, Embedded Linux and Palm OS platforms benefit from light weight high performance XML handling. CMarkup is your natural choice especially because it works with either STL strings or MFC strings.

Small binary
The pre-linked object file is about 100k, and depending on the methods you use, your project is likely to link in less than that.

comment posted Thanh Ly, USA

What I like most about your CMarkup class is that it simplifies XML parsing so that I only have to concern myself with storing or retrieving my data and not bother with all the other features of XML that I don't need. Fast and efficient, those are the factors that impress me most in any coding project. Furthermore, the class is reusable in both desktop and embedded Windows environments which lets me write applications for both platforms under a common API and saves me time in learning different XML libraries. I have found MSXML very difficult to work with especially when dealing with multiple versions of the same library. Great job, and best of luck to the team!

Not just XML
CMarkup works on HTML and rootless XML and log files as well.

comment posted Patrik Tesar, Slovak Republic

I like your component very much! It saves my life, because before I was using MSXML, and I had large problems with memory!!! There was memory that was not released correctly after using elements, and also after CoUninitialize! Thank you for your component.

Small footprint
Depending on the density of tags in your document, the total memory requirement may be 1.5 to 2.5 times the memory footprint of the document string. A CMarkup object consists of the document string plus the offsets and structure of the tags.

comment posted Reto Bucher, Switzerland

First of all: congratulations for your nice piece of work :-) CMarkup really solved thousands of problems... Until now, I used MSXML for Windows CE. But unfortunately, its implementation is too big, too complicated (DLL versions...) and too powerful for our need. Also a known bug exists which does complicate the use within WinCE.

Light transformation
Consider CMarkup for transforming documents procedurally, a light and versatile alternative to XSLT.

Smart light capabilities
CMarkup has built-in methods for lookup, bookmarking and finding information in your documents.

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