CMarkup is a fast parser that handles tiny to large XML documents efficiently. But parsing is only one type of operation on a document. You may need to modify and create documents, and CMarkup does that too.

By a rough estimate, 45% of programmed operations on XML and HTML markup documents are for parsing, including navigating, extracting and querying. But creating and generating documents is a very common task, as is modifying a document such as a configuration file.

pie chart 45% parse/navigate 40% create and 15% modify

The simple CMarkup Methods support all these categories of operations.

Don't tie your hands
CMarkup helps with all the types of operations you can do on documents.

Great design and support
CMarkup is a complete product with a wholistic design, full documentation, and timely support.

comment posted Scott Wilson, USA

Ben, many thanks. I wish all library developers were as responsive as you.

Images in your XML
Use the Base64 methods to encode and decode binary files in your documents.

comment posted Steve Soares, USA

CMarkup has worked out extremely well for the encoding and decoding of XML. I have been able to concentrate more time on other areas of the project without 'babysitting' any XML processing/syntax issues.

You don't need XSLT to transform your documents. See how CMarkup can be used to transform documents procedurally, rather than employing an entire new paradigm just to do another type of operation on your documents.

comment posted Thanh Ly, USA

What I like most about your CMarkup class is that it simplifies XML parsing so that I only have to concern myself with storing or retrieving my data and not bother with all the other features of XML that I don't need. Fast and efficient, those are the factors that impress me most in any coding project. Furthermore, the class is reusable in both desktop and embedded Windows environments which lets me write applications for both platforms under a common API and saves me time in learning different XML libraries. I have found MSXML very difficult to work with especially when dealing with multiple versions of the same library. Great job, and best of luck to the team!

Not just XML
CMarkup works on HTML and rootless XML and log files as well.

Lookup data in your documents
CMarkup also has built-in methods for lookup, bookmarking and finding information from your documents.

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Unlimited royalty-free use, a year of upgrades and support, and additional methods for binary (base64), indexes, paths, encoding conversions, and more. See full product details of CMarkup Developer.