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light fast C++ XML strategies

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CMarkup Articles

AddElem and SetData Flags

ANSI and Unicode files and C++ strings

Archived CMarkup 10.0 Release Notes

Archived CMarkup 10.1 Release Notes

Archived CMarkup 11.0 Release Notes

Archived CMarkup 11.1 Release Notes

Archived CMarkup 11.2 Release Notes

Archived CMarkup 11.3 Release Notes

Archived CMarkup 11.4 Release Notes

Archived CMarkup Known Issues

Archived CMarkup Performance Tests

Archived CMarkup Release Notes

Attribute Method Performance

Attributes With CMarkup

C++ XML reader parses a very large XML file

C++ XML writer creates a very large XML file

CDATA Sections

Checking the Top of the File

CMarkup 11.5 Release Notes

CMarkup Developer

CMarkup Evaluation License Agreement

CMarkup FAQ

CMarkup for Delphi

CMarkup Has Advantages Over MSXML

CMarkup Indexing Explained

CMarkup Methods

CMarkup STL Platforms

CMarkup Test

CMarkup test dialog

CMarkup XML Parser Performance

CMarkup: fast simple C++ XML parser

Compiler Issues

Containment Hierarchy

Control Characters in XML

Debugging With CMarkup

Depth First Traversal

Dynamic Structure Documents

EDOM - Encapsulated Document Object Model

ElemIndex Navigation

Euro and other non-ASCII chars in XML with CMarkup

Example Shopping List

Export recordset to XML in C++

Fast start to XML in C++

Generic Markup In CMarkup

How Compliant is CMarkup with XML?

How To Handle Binary Data

HTML And CMarkup

Huge file _fseeki64 _ftelli64 in Visual C++

In this case use ASCII ignorecase

INI-Style Sections and Entries

Inside the CMarkup Parser

Large XML file in C++

Log Files Without A Root Element

Lookup XML Data with CMarkup

MSXML 3.0 in CMarkupMSXML

MSXML 4.0 in CMarkupMSXML

MSXML Wrapper CMarkupMSXML

Multithreading and CMarkup

Navigating and Getting Information From a Document

Navigating Levels in CMarkup

Node Methods in CMarkup

non-Unicode text handling in CMarkup

Numeric Character References

Other Markup

Parse huge XML file in C++

Paths In CMarkup

Pre-compiled Header Issue

RSS: Create and Read Feeds With CMarkup

Setting the XML Declaration With CMarkup

Simple Merge Example

Speed of CMarkup

Split XML file into smaller pieces

Standard Special Characters

Subdocuments and Fragments of XML Documents

Transformation Example: Apples to Oranges

Transformation Using CMarkup

UNICODE ATL CMarkup - Without MFC

Unified CMarkup for STL and MFC

UTF-16 Files and the Byte Order Mark (BOM)

UTF-8 Files and the Preamble

Visual C++ 2008 Express XML demo of CMarkup

Visual C++ 6.0 XML demo adds CMarkup parser in 1 min

What are MCD_STR and MCD_CSTR?

When CMarkup Load Returns false

Whitespace and CMarkup

Windows CE and CMarkup

XML Namespaces and CMarkup

XML Serialization in C++ with CMarkup

XML Technology

Character set (charset) name, alias and code page

EDOM vs DOM and Alternatives

Introduction to XML

Keep XML Simple

The Problem With DTD and XML Schema Validation

The Versatile Way to Program XML

What Stops You From Using XML

Why To Avoid XSLT

XML for everyday data

XML Links

XML reader models: SAX versus XML pull parser

XML Versioning

Advanced Developer Articles

Advanced CMarkup Developer

CBuffer Class

CDataEdit Class MFC component

CMudCtrl Class

CSock Class

CThread Class

CThread Release Notes

firstobject News Reader

firstobject News Reader Comments

firstobject News Reader Release Notes

firstobject XML Messaging

firstobject XML Messaging Release Notes

UTF-8 in CMarkup and CDataEdit

XML Editor Articles

Archived firstobject XML Editor 2.3 Release Notes

Archived firstobject XML Editor Release Notes

Chinese locale with XML editor

Convert ANSI file to Unicode

Counting XML tag names and values with foal

Export XML records with matching childset

firstobject Access Language

firstobject XML Editor 2.4 Release Notes

firstobject XML Editor Comments

Format XML, indent align beautify clean up XML

Free XML editor download

How to generate file names with XML splitter script

Simple XML editor meets memory stick

Split and Merge Translation XML

Split XML with XML editor script

Tree customization in the firstobject XML editor

Using the firstobject XML editor from the command line

Video demo of editing RSS XML in the tree view of the free firstobject XML editor

Video of XML splitter script for splitting XML files

XML Editor format XML, customize treeview, and program

XSLT in the firstobject XML editor

C++ Articles

display wchar_t string and wstring in gdb

easy zlib C/C++ compress and XML compression

GetMilliCount milliseconds for portable C++

wchar_t string on Linux, OS X and Windows