Release 2.4 of foxe (free XML editor download) adds CMarkup 11.2, MSXML-based XSLT support, and adds several fixes to the intermediate release 2.3.5.

  • Transform F9 (uses MSXML XSLT) (see XSLT in the firstobject XML editor)
  • Right-click FOAL script debug option for Continue/Run F10
  • CMarkup release 11.2 fixes, especially for file mode
  • Added GetDocElemCount to FOAL scripting
  • fix: mouse horizontal scroll bug
  • fix: 2.3.2 File Open encoding drop-down was being ignored
  • fix: 2.3.5 Undo Redo bug (select word and type new word)
  • Those are just what has changed since intermediate release 2.3.5. A lot has happened since the last full release 2.3. Here are the interim releases:

  • editor 2.3.5 help search, file mode subdocs
  • editor 2.3.4 better far east char performance
  • editor 2.3.3 tree hot keys
  • editor 2.3.2 encoding, msxml 6.0, tree
  • editor Beta 2.3.1 removed excess registry setting
  • MFC component improvements

    Advanced CMarkup Developer License

    The complete MFC source code for the firstobject XML editor comes with Advanced CMarkup Developer (ADL)

    Release 2.4 has many improvements since 2.3 in these source code classes:

  • fixes for compiling in Visual Studio 2003+ *thanks Davide Zaccanti and Ghanshyam Rathi
  • CDataEdit (Unicode UTF-16 or UTF-8 gigabyte text edit control) draw text caching makes far eastern text rendering much faster, text find/search improvements. See CDataEdit Class
  • CFoalProgram (Self-contained pcode compiler, run-time and debugger for C++ syntax based scripting) more string functions and CMarkup 11.2 additions
  • CMarkupTreeCtrl (Virtual tree control navigates any CMarkup document) hot keys (keyboard shortcuts), paste, multilevel customization, plus scroll-bar fixes
  • See also:

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