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CMarkup Developer: C++ XML for STL or MFC

Get XML "done"

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Unlimited royalty-free use, a year of upgrades and support, and additional methods for binary (base64), indexes, paths, encoding conversions, and more. See full product details of CMarkup Developer.

C++ Developers save big time
What Makes CMarkup So Easy?
Large Documents and C++ XML
CMarkup is Not Just a Parser
STL std string And XML
MFC CString And XML
Visual C++ And XML
Embedded C++ XML

comment posted David Ching, USA

the absolute best combination for ease-of-use, embedability, and best supported XML parser out there! It puts the 5 MB XML parsers to shame for the simple uses of XML that I am using.

comment posted Jeff Anderson, USA

Hey I just wanted to say what a great product CMarkup is. We have a license and use it extensively for our graphics applications. What really distinguishes CMarkup is the design and ease of use - it's a really different paradigm compared to other XML libraries - kudos to the *thinking* that went into this product as much as the implementation.
Braid Art Labs

Advanced CMarkup Developer: C++ Components for MFC

Visual C++ source code toolkit

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Everything in the CMarkup Developer product, plus Visual C++ source code components including a large text edit control (CDataEdit), CMarkup-based virtual tree control (CMarkupTreeCtrl), HTML-like view control (CMudCtrl), and examples of CMarkup as a multi-thread data repository. See full product details of Advanced CMarkup Developer.